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Team One Biotech makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to redress years of systemic damage to our ecosystems and our shared planet with our magnEfficient™️ Microbes.

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Explore our microbiome solutions for your specific agriculture, aquaculture and water treatment challenges


Accelerate the breakdown of waste, minimize odor, treat wastewater and remediate surface water naturally without adversely impacting your bottom line.


Protect food safety sustainably with our restorative natural microbiome that breaks down toxic pollutants to remediate contaminated soil, and improves crop quality and yield.


Control your farm environment, and improve feed efficiency and water quality with our beneficial microorganisms that support sustainable farming practices from hatchery to harvest.


Environment-friendly alternatives that ingeniously apply nature-derived technology to address heavy-duty cleaning challenges in commercial spaces like hotels, restaurants, offices and malls.

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We're committed to making it easy for businesses of all sizes to reduce their environmental footprint and restore the biological processes of nature by developing products that outperform traditional solutions and solve their most challenging problems. Our biological, chemical, and process researchers, engineers and technologists are focused on formulating the most efficient microorganism cultures that sustainably reduce your impact on the environment. This is nature healing nature at its best. All we have to do is let nature get on with it.

Knowledge Centre

Using nature and science to remediate temple ponds
Temples, a commonplace for religious, cultural, and community events are also a breeding ground for germs and cause contamination due to various human activities. However, environmentally friendly remediation methods and regular maintenance help avoid contamination of temple ponds through cost-efficient methods.
March 22, 2022
Understanding Bioremediation to resolve challenges of Open drainage systems.
Collecting rainwater and directing it towards a water source was the original reason for building open drainages. However, lack of maintenance and turning them into dumping yards led to severe contamination levels. While traditional methods require tons of chemicals, bioremediation helps clean up open drainages with cost-efficient and environmentally safe methods.
March 15, 2022
Water User Committees: an inclusive impact model
Maintaining and managing water usage in the household has been labelled as a part of the job description for women across many regions around the globe, like many other chores that are a part of the unpaid list of activities. The Water User Committee has helped women voice their opinions, manage accountability, and handle many other tasks with confidence. WUC has helped both the government and the women folk manage the maintenance, liasioning, management of funds, and other operational areas.
March 8, 2022
Understanding the need for faecal sludge digestion at source
Development of treatment options for faecal sludge management adapted to conditions prevailing in developing countries has long been neglected. Faecal sludge management should be an integral part of city-wide sanitation planning but it is not.
February 22, 2022
Understanding Solid Waste Composting
Improper waste management is detrimental to human health. Composting is one of the essential technologies for Solid Waste Management (SWM).
February 15, 2022

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