About us

At the intersection of science and nature, Team One Biotech innovates cutting-edge bioremediation solutions for companies of all sizes. Our products contain no genetically modified organisms or chemical ingredients. They are safe for human, animal, and aquatic life.

Product purpose

We’re innovating bio-solutions for agricultural, aqua and environmental applications with a commitment to promoting business practices that respect the Earth and our shared ecosystems.


Social purpose

We’re committed to long-term impact by supporting the restoration of degraded natural environments and enabling an abundance of ecosystems through regenerative agricultural practices and proven bioremediations processes.


Economic purpose

We’re creating a sustainable and profitable business that allows us to increase stakeholder value and make an impact in the communities we work in and live in.


People purpose

We’re committed to building an ecosystem of sustainability champions coming together to positively impact the communities we serve and the shared world we inhabit.

Make things better Make better things

At Team One Biotech, we have a vision of an equitable future for human beings, animal life and our shared planet. One where companies exist for their people and profits are used for impact.

Our mission to redress decades of systemic damage to our planet is a challenge bigger than the sum of all its parts. So we’re intentionally focusing our expertise on the intersection of nature and science to facilitate regenerative practices in agriculture, aquaculture and water treatment.

It is a complex problem, but we’re committed to chipping away at it piece by piece with innovation and firm resolve. We’re committed to proving you can grow a profitable company without compromising your beliefs. And bound by our desire to solve some of the most challenging work and join hands with others striving to the same goal.


Tejas Gathani


Our founder, Tejas Gathani is a futurist and tea connoisseur who has spent over 20 years building solutions to protect the planet. Tejas believes attitude determines an individual’s path to success and he is always willing and able to mentor his team towards a winning path. Tejas believes a company can grow only when everybody associated with the company – people, customers, partners – all grow with it.

Before setting up Team One Biotech, Tejas was VP of International Business at Organica Biotech. In his 20+ years at Organica, Tejas was involved in all aspects of the business, building multiple successful teams and product lines.

He has hands-on experience working with microbial formulations developed over many years of understanding and solving customer problems.

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Knowledge Centre

Using nature and science to remediate temple ponds
Temples, a commonplace for religious, cultural, and community events are also a breeding ground for germs and cause contamination due to various human activities. However, environmentally friendly remediation methods and regular maintenance help avoid contamination of temple ponds through cost-efficient methods.
Understanding Bioremediation to resolve challenges of Open drainage systems.
Collecting rainwater and directing it towards a water source was the original reason for building open drainages. However, lack of maintenance and turning them into dumping yards led to severe contamination levels. While traditional methods require tons of chemicals, bioremediation helps clean up open drainages with cost-efficient and environmentally safe methods.
Water User Committees: an inclusive impact model
Maintaining and managing water usage in the household has been labelled as a part of the job description for women across many regions around the globe, like many other chores that are a part of the unpaid list of activities. The Water User Committee has helped women voice their opinions, manage accountability, and handle many other tasks with confidence. WUC has helped both the government and the women folk manage the maintenance, liasioning, management of funds, and other operational areas.
Understanding the need for faecal sludge digestion at source
Development of treatment options for faecal sludge management adapted to conditions prevailing in developing countries has long been neglected. Faecal sludge management should be an integral part of city-wide sanitation planning but it is not.
Understanding Solid Waste Composting
Improper waste management is detrimental to human health. Composting is one of the essential technologies for Solid Waste Management (SWM).